About Hawaii

Hawai’i has a reputation for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Pacific. There are miles of warm, sunny beaches to enjoy along the coastline, and the inland areas are covered in the kind of tropical vegetation you see in National Geographic. But why limit your time in Hawai’i to the occasional vacation when you can have your very own piece of Hawai’i real estate?

The typical Hawai’i lifestyle is hard to beat. Life moves at a different pace on the islands: the locals know that life is short and they take their time getting from point A to point B in order to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them. Also important to the island philosophy is the notion of spending time outdoors: why bother living in Hawai’i if you don’t take advantage of its incredible, year-round weather. This philosophy has influenced the architecture of Hawai’i as well. The natives once built open-air style buildings so they could be outside even when they were sheltered. This notion of building design continues to reign supreme today as well, for most homes in Hawai’i are built with balconies and/or decks, known locally as lanais, so that residents can be outdoors as much as possible.

And for anyone who has ever dreamed of living beachside, Maui is definitely a prime locale. With miles of beaches available for housing development or real estate purchase, it offers all kinds of options for oceanfront living. In fact, its beautifully temperate climate and breathtaking scenery make Maui oceanfront real estate one of the most competitive housing markets in the world.

Jilly has an impressive track record that includes years of experience and millions of dollars in sales. She also happens to be a proud resident of Maui, so she has a personal connection to the work that needs to be done. In other words, she understands the magnitude of finding the right oceanfront home, so she’ll do everything she can to ensure that your Maui house hunting goes as smoothly as possible.

Condos offer their owners many of the same perks as owning a house, but limit a lot of the responsibilities. For instance, instead of being solely accountable for the upkeep of your home’s grounds, a condo will come with an established system for such maintenance. And Maui condos tend to cost less than houses, so you can build your home equity without getting in over your head.

If, however, you’ve just begun to consider the idea of owning or selling property in Maui, Jilly can be of help. As an internet-friendly business, she publishes an extensive number of Maui real estate listings on her website via the MLS. The user-friendly database allows you to easily sort and identify the kind of properties you’re interested in researching. If the advent of the Internet has granted our society anything, it’s quick and easy access to all kinds of information. MLS directories for almost any area can be located with a just a few mouse clicks.

Jilly’s clients are put into her “Flash System” where you are contacted immediately from the Maui Board to your personal email account as soon as a property that fits your parameters is listed. An invaluable tool. You get it first, you get it fast and thereby you can make that buying decision quickly.

Jillygmaui.com is the Premier Resource for Maui Homes – For up to date real estate info, Trust Jilly – Whereas other real estate agents limit their use of the Internet, Jilly is quick to recognize its usefulness. That’s why she created her own website. Her website contains a wealth of information for those who are interested in purchasing Maui real estate, and she invites all who are researching Maui real estate to use it.

It’s important to realize what a difference a qualified agent can make. The right real estate agent can greatly increase the number of homes you have to choose from. Jilly can also affect the quality of the properties you look at, as well as the final price you end up paying because of her experience and negotiating skills. In addition, a good real estate agent will be better equipped to provide you with the kind of important information and guidance that one needs when purchasing or selling a home: when you have a question about zoning laws or school systems, Jilly will have an informed answer for you in no time at all.

Equally important to Jilly is the professional commitment she offers her clients. Everyone who works with Jilly, no matter what their real estate interest may be, will be treated with the utmost respect. As an owner of a Maui home, she knows how life-changing the home-buying or selling process can be, so she’ll do everything she can to ensure your experience working with her is a positive one.

Jilly Knows Hawai’i Real Estate Inside and Out – Jilly is a certified expert in Hawai’i real estate. Her area of specialty is Maui, but she can also help customers looking to purchase or sell real estate on any of the other wonderful Hawaiian Islands. Through her extended network, she works closely with a select group of REALTORS® on Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, and Hawai’i. Her extended network is comprised solely of talented and knowledgeable real estate agents with years of experience working in the Hawai’i real estate market as well as the Mainland.